Your Aviation Career with JetPartner

Your Aviation Career with JetPartner



JetPartner Corporation ; supporting creativity and team spirit for all workers in the world’s different point, which allows personal growth, the company targets internalized at all levels, and aims to provide a transparent working environment can be freely shared ideas. All individuals who steps into the magical world of aviation is connected to the JetPartner Corporation profession with passion. JetPartner Corporation ; human relations are strong, creative, multicultural and open to innovation, which focuses on continuous improvement and efficiency, competitive, candidates who believe in the value of team work, the employment in different positions in the structure.

Our Values

We keep our dignity and above all our respect for ourselves. Business ethics principles form the foundation of our business lives. Our management philosophy of “respect for people” or is based. We all have a say in all matters affecting ourselves and believe that we have the right to information. Improve ourselves up to the maximum of our capabilities and our personal right, we see it as our duty as well. We adopt quality as a way of life. Everything we do, we are producing the highest quality level target in every product and every service we offer. The customer is the focus of our quality policy. World and open to change, we carry within us the spirit of pioneering entrepreneurship. Our deep-rooted tradition of innovation to bring all of our fields of occupation. The responsibility for the management brought us all strength of our organization and we believe that our objective was to work in line with the target. Working diligently to comply with the rules of our flat we looked at each other as required by reputable.

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